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Anarchist Organizing

Mikhail Bakunin: "Welcome everyone to the anarchist meeting, we are trying to decide what action to take to best move anarchism forward. I say we begin by distributing literature to the peasants about democracy."

Peter Kropotkin: "That's nice Bakunin, but i think it will be better to try and create a network of mutual aid, and organizing the distribution of bread to all."

Emma Goldman: "What if we teach women about birth control so they can take control of their sexuality?

Kropotkin: "No one cares about sex,Goldman, we need a revolution!"

Goldman: "Perhaps at your age, Kropotkin, but i can assure you that people care about sex."

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon: "What if we come up with some really devastating insults to world leaders? That would teach them."
Goldman: "Proudhon, be serious."
Proudhon: "I mean like...real zingers. It might work!"

Goldman: "You are an idiot."
Proudhon: "Exactly, like that! Did anyone write that down?"

[ 25 days later ]

Bakunin: "Okay, we are decided, we'll just do them all since none of us could agree. let's get to work!"

Description: The police arrive immediately and start to beat them all up with clubs.

Police officer: "That will teach you violent anarchists not to disrupt peaceful, civil society! You are all arrested."
Everyone in the comic was arrested in real life for what they are arguing to do. Cops have always been the same.
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