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A Very Scientific Birthday

Kurt Gödel, entering the frame "wait no, wish for a set of axioms that are both complete and consistent, please!

Three Little Philosophers of Science

"Once upon a time there were three little philosophers of science. The first philosopher, Rudolph Carnap, built his theory on the principle of verificationism."

"But then along came the big bad wolf, who blew his philosophy down because it couldn't adequately demarcate between science and non-science."

"The second philosopher, Karl Popper, built his theory on the principle of falsification."

"Then along came the big bad wolf, who blew his philosophy down because no actual scientific theory ever has an exact set of falsifiable criteria."

"The third philosopher, Thomas Kuhn, built his theory on a rigorous sociological account of working scientists."

"Then along came the big bad wolf, and he blew that theory down too, because it descended into relativism. It turns out that philosophy of science is hard."

Thomas Kuhn, shouting: "God damnit, you are all misinterpreting me! "
Kuhn: "is my theory crumbling because I am forced to make an increasing number of ad hoc adjusts, exactly how I described scientific theories crumble before a paradigm shift? No, it's the kids who are wrong."

Freud and Popper

"Okay fine, I agree, it is not yet proven false that Einstein would have had a catch with me whenever I wanted."

Analytic Office

You thought that last joke wasn't going to be an Office Space sketch? No. BOOM! Radical freedom, it's Seinfeld. And a bit of Dilbert.

The Philosophy of the Science of Poker

The Incommensurability of that one annoying friend who always goes all in
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