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Husserl Defends His Dissertation

Husserl, waking up hungover: "Crap, only an hour to go. What is a brilliant philosophy i can do at the last minute?"

Husserl: "Shit shit, I forgot to write my dissertation! "

Husserl: "Clocks? Time? Maybe how time goes too fast?"

Husserl: "No...inkwells? Are inkwells are a philosophy? I hate how i have to keep dipping my pen in. I hate how they look."

Husserl: "Wait, is that it...maybe looking at things can be a philosophy? Well, i don't have anything better, so..."

Husserl, in front of the dissertation committee: "Uh...so as you see, my revolutionary philosophy is merely concerned with how the inkwell appears to our minds."

Interviewer: "And how does it appear?"
Husserl: "It appears..."

Husserl: "...like an inkwell."
Interviewer 1: "Wow...it totally does. I never noticed that."
Interviewer 2: "Pretty good."

Interviewer: "But how do you deal with the metaphysics of how things are in themselves?"

Husserl: "Ahh, well here's the clever bit. I'm bracketing those questions."

Interviewer: "What do you mean? "
Husserl: "I'm ignoring them, since they don't matter to my project. It's only about looking at stuff."
Interviewer: "What about epistemology? How do we know any of this?"
Husserl: "Yeah I'm going to go ahead and have to bracket that too."

Interviewer 1: "What about morality?"
Interviewer 2: "Or Aesthetics?"
Interviewer 3: "Or the meaning of life?"

Husserl: "Bracketed, Bracketed, bracketed."

Interviewer: "Wow, okay, that is..."
Interviewer, shaking his hand: "...by far the greatest philosophy of all time. Congratulations!"
"Just one more question." "Sorry I've bracketted further questions." "Damn...he's good."
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