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Diotima Teaches Socrates Love

Socrates: "Wise Diotima, I have a question about the nature of love, and I've heard that you are learned in its ways. "
Diotima: "Certainly, Socrates, i will now initiate you into the greater mysteries of love."

Diotima: "he who wishes to know the nature of love should love first one fair form, and then many, and learn the connection of them; and from beautiful bodies he should proceed to beautiful minds.

Diotima: "And then to the beauty of laws and institutions, until he perceives that all beauty is of one kindred; and from institutions he should go on to the sciences."

Diotima: "Until at last the vision is revealed to him of a single science of universal beauty, and then he will behold the everlasting nature which is the cause of all, and will be near the end."

Diotima: "And in the contemplation of that supreme being of love he will behold beauty, not with the bodily eye, but with the eye of the mind"

Diotima: "This will bring forth true creations of virtue and wisdom, and be the friend of God and heir of immortality. "

Socrates: "Okay, uh, that's cool i guess, but actually my question was: “can loverboys still be attractive if they've grown beards?”"
Oracle of Delphi: "also, no one is Athens is hornier than Socrates."
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