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France's Next Great Philosopher

The good looking guy won.
The good looking guy won.
Didn't get the joke?

Modern French philosophers, especially Post-Structuralists like Derrida, are often accused of writing in an overly obscure and elitist manner. The passage from the contestant is from Derrida himself, but I had to look around a lot to find something that obscure sounding, most of it is much more readable (although I don't want to exaggerate, Derrida is a very difficult philosopher to read). Also, it probably says something that the one difficult passage I found was about Hegel. If you are interested in Derrida and what his idea's actually are, Rick Roderick does a pretty good job explaining it, and dispelling some of the common myths.

Lacan was kind of like the French Freud, it's all about subconscious penises and stuff.

Philosophers in this comic: Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault, Jacques Lacan
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